Itinerary: difficulty
01 - Strolling through the olive groves
02 - On the Sun Trail
03 - To the Bonaventura Segala alpine refuge
04 - On Mount Carone
05 - To Dalco along the Alpine Troop trail
06 - On Mount Preàls
07 - To Larici Point
08 - Along the Lower Garda Route
09 - On Mount Tremalzo (Bike X-Treme Race)
10 - From the Nota Pass to Piazzale Angelini
11 - From the Nota Pass to the legendary Ponale road
12 - To La Cocca
13 - On Mount Zenone
14 - To the alpine farmhouses
15 - On Mount Caplone
16 - To the Rocchetta Pass
17 - Amidst the hamlets of Tremosine
18 - In Negrini Valley and Pra dele Nùs
19 - On Mount Nai
20 - In Brasa Valley

Helpful hints:

  • A hiking or biking excursion is an exciting adventure that lets you enjoy the mountains and beautiful scenery. Since several itineraries can be difficult for an unprepared excursionist, please be careful!
  • Clothing: Don't overdo things and wear clothing that is appropriate for the season. Always take into account the type of excursion, altitude and weather, which can change very quickly. Don't forget to pack your sunglasses, a hat, a change of clothing, and a hooded waterproof jacket in your backpack!
  • Equipment: Besides wearing the right type of shoes, you should bring a canteen full of water or another beverage, a First Aid kit, a map, and a Swiss army knife.
  • Safety: Always inform someone about your excursion! If you are traveling without family or friends, contact the staff in your hotel or residence. A mobile phone is also very handy in emergencies.
  • These measures may seem excessive, but the mountains have certain risks. Therefore, it is always wiser to avoid and prevent problems.
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