Limone sul Garda : Sailing & Surfing

On Lake Garda we know more than 36 different winds. But 2 are particularly known for their regularity and strongness: the "Pelér" sometimes also called the "Suer", a wind that blows from north and the "Ora", the well-known south wind. Those winds have since ever made of the northern part of Lake Garda a paradise for sailors and windsurfers. The first sight of the Lakes' visitor infact is deep blue water with white and coloured dots above, the sailing boats and the windsurfers, which sometimes ar

Navigation laws

Several laws were introduced by the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trento in January 1984. These laws were passed to ensure safety, to protect the environment and to promote tourism.

  • Navigation prohibited 500 m from the coast
    Motorboat navigation is prohibited 500 meters within the coastal line (that distance is reduced to 200 meters in the Salo? Gulf, from Barbarano to Rocca di Manerba). Boats sailing from the shoreline to the permitted area 500 meters offshore must n

  • Required on-board equipment for boats navigating on Lake Garda

    Italy has recently updated laws and rules dating back to the seventies. The most revolutionary law appeared in the ordinary supplement n. 141 of the Gazzetta Ufficiale of August 24, 1996. Here is what it says about on-board equipment:
    "Boats must have lifesaving and safety equipment required for the distance from the coast where navigation actually takes place".
    This might seem a genuine liberalization of the law. The risk that could cause irreparable damage, however, is a t

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