The 'Tesöl' - Institute for Comboni Missionaries

It is a big honour for our little village, that Daniele Comboni, the founder of the Institutes for Comboni Missionaries, was born in Limone. For this we heartily suggest a visit in the "Tesöl", where you can get a good idea of his life, his work and you can simply relax in the special and calm atmosphere you find in this place. To make his dream come true, which is to "save Africa through Africa", he did not hesitate to involve the whole church because he was convinced that his dream could only

In the olivegrove

From the bus station (Turista Bar) take the lakefront boulevard and then follow the beach. Pass the San Giovanni torrent and Campeggio Garda and head to Nanzèl, where you'll walk up a slight descent along the left bank of the Pura torrent. Walking amidst the olive groves of Pós and Canù, you'll reach the 18th century San Pietro chapel and Tesöl, with the home where Saint Daniele Comboni (1831 - 1881) of Limone was born. After the tour, take Via Campaldo to the Cooperativa Possidenti Oliveti oliv

The Extravirgin Olive Oil of Limone

Thousand years' tradition of taste and health.

The legendary olive-tree is a most important part of Limones' past. Over hundreds of years it was in the centre of live because it gave work on the fields and its fruits gave the most important product to change in commerce: the oil. In a climate like ours, which is very similar to the mediterranean, climate and the special sandy soil its development and integration over the centuries into this region were guaranteed. MORE...

Discovering Limone

Sometimes even natives of Limone do not know everything they have nearby because usually one only knows those things and places often uses or visits. The surrounding of Limone is not very vast because Limone lies on a small land tongue. But nonetheless it offers many possibilities of pleasant walks and trekking paths for more experienced walkers. Long the shore from north to south one may find breathtaking views on the lake, on the mountains, which are reflecting in the cool water, and on the lemon gardens of Limone. You will always find yourself surrounded by the typical vegetation, which explodes here in its most fabulous colours. During the warm evenings in summer you should take a walk to the feet of the surrounding mountains where you will look over Limone and the Lake while enjoying your time in a soft and cool breeze coming down valley.

Sailing courses

From June till September

for adults and children
(for beginners and for advanced)

Ufficio Informazioni (parking Caldogno)
Via IV Novembre, 2/c
Tel. 0365 954720 - 0365 918987


The flora of 1000 colours

A stay in Limone does not only include sun and beach but gives you also the possibility to immerse yourself into a still uncontaminated nature. Our climate is very similar to the one in the Mediterranean and due to this mild climate we have specimen of vegetation, which you may usually find only in warmer zones. The flora around us explodes in thousands of colours and forms of different types. The Parco Alto Garda Bresciano is full of small "onders". The reason for this vegetation are several: t

The Museum of Curiosities

At the center of the padres Comboniani, which in Limone is commonly known as the "Tesöl", you will find the recently opened "Museum of Curiosities". In this small but interesting exhibition you may admire curiosities of nature and manmade which have been brought here by the many Comboniani padres from all over the world. You will find many rare shells as the famous ?Tridacna gigas? (one of the biggest shells actually known), fossils, minerals (as a meteorite fallen to earth in China in 1516), th

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