13th - 14th October 2017

The period 13th - 14th October marks the day for "Sky Running-Xtreme", 7th edition.
The end of the summer brings with it the end of our sporting events, however this race is the perfect challenge for mountain running fans.
On Friday 13th October starts the "Vertical Grèste de la Mughèra".
On Saturday 14

Trekking in Limone sul Garda:

Straddling the Valle di Ledro and what is now the border with the Brescia province, Monte Carone was chosen as the site for a number of major artillery emplacements and many relics from that period are still visible today.

The excursion begins at Passo Nota, at 1200 metres, easy reachble by car, passing Vesio di Tremosine and "Vald di Bondo".
There is a small refuge at the pass, built on the site of a former Italian Finance Police barracks. From here starts our walk

The Castèl lemon house

The Castèl lemon house, which is northwest of the old town center and stands against the rocky wall of the Mughéra mountain, is just a portion of the large lemon grove that once stretched from the Mura valleys, Via Pozze and Via Castello to the Màndola valley. The garden, which covers an area of 1,633 square meters, is divided perpendicularly into two parts by the cùen dela Marches'àna, on which the main cas'èl is built on several levels. It extends to the south, in part, on a single terrace

The Extravirgin Olive Oil of Limone

Thousand years' tradition of taste and health.

The legendary olive-tree is a most important part of Limones' past. Over hundreds of years it was in the centre of live because it gave work on the fields and its fruits gave the most important product to change in commerce: the oil. In a climate like ours, which is very similar to the mediterranean, climate and the special sandy soil its development and integration over the centuries into this region were guaranteed. MORE...


Following construction of the Gardesana road (1929 - 1931), which permetted a connection between Limone, Gargnano and Riva, Limone became one of the most frequented tourist centres of Lake Garda in the second half of the twentieth century. Many different factors influenced the development of the town: its position on the lake, the natural contours of the territory, the characteristic conformation of the historical centre, the climatic conditions, the dynamism of the inhabitants and the attention

Promotion Card 2017

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