Limone sul Garda
15th March 2020


Traditionally this event takes place two weeks before the Palm Sunday. In case of bad weather it will be moved on the next Sunday, however never on Palm Sunday.
In the past the festival was on the "fat Thursday". Having a big lure for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, it was moved on the day of St. Joseph. Later, as consequence of the elimination of the festival of St. Joseph, the "Mezzaquaresima", was held always on Sunday.
The Festival begins in the early afternoon with the distribution of "polenta" (corn mush), "āole" (bleaks) and wine. The "āole" are the small fishes of the lake that in the past represented a richness for the local fishermen (the inhabitants of Limone are known as "pica āole" literally bleaks hunger).
Initially the corn mush and "āole" were freshly prepared from a large group of volunteers in the square of the village, then they moved to the lake promenade.
The "āole" are fried in oil and salted, then served in small plates with some corn mushs. The distribution goes on towards 5.30 p.m., spaced out with games, jokes and raffle.
Until some time ago, during the festival a fake mayor gave a speech in dialect and in rhyme, touching all events and local political and social issues Since 1991 the practise has been ceased.

The appointment is renewed also this year and as tradition "Mezzaquaresima" waits for its visitors on March 15th, 2020 starting from 12.30 p.m., on the Lake promenade of Limone sul Garda.
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