29th - 30th October 2021

The period 29th - 30th October marks the day for "Sky Running-Xtreme", 10th edition.
The end of the summer brings with it the end of our sporting events, however this race is the perfect challenge for mountain running fans.
On Friday 29th October starts the "Vertical Grèste de la Mughèra".
On Saturday 30th October 2021, Limone sul Garda (BS) on the shore of Lake Garda, offers a gem of a sporting event. The operational centre for the Sky Running-Xtreme competitions is Limone and this race seems to tick all the boxes for it to become a "must" in the diary of any running enthusiast. The advantage is the beautiful route which has undergone in-depth study by the members of ASD SS Limonese, a group made up of sport, and especially running enthusiasts.
Therefore, the route has been designed by sky runners for sky runners, which means the technical and qualitative level is guaranteed. Sky Running Xtreme however, will impress you above all because of its beauty, with its unique glimpses of Lake Garda and the mountains that crown it: a precious tour (23 km long) of the natural riches of an area which has always been popular with sportsmen and tourists alike.
The start is set from Limone sul Garda, a locality characterised by olive and lemon groves at 60 metres above sea level.
From here, nervous muscles will be warmed up and stretched out on the lake promenade; Lungolago Marconi in order to prepare for 2055 metres height difference. Thanks to this event, Sky Running also represents the perfect occasion with which to end the season in style; it is a race that flies high, from the lake to the mountain tops.

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