The flora of a thousand colours

A holiday in Limone is something more than just a pleasant rest under the sun or on the lakeside, it is also the chance of experiencing first hand healthy and uncontaminated nature.

The climate on the lake is very similar to the Mediterrenean one, encouraging the growth of luxuriant and varied flora which is an explosion of colour in every season of the year, making the surrounding landscape a multi-coloured oasis within the North Garda Brescia Park, where Alpine and Mediterrenean flora grow side by side. This is possible due to the height of just 65 m. above sea level, the mitigating action of the lake which during the winter gives off the warmth that has been stored up during the summer, the mountains that surround the area and protect it from the cold winds and the low rainfall levels.
All this contributes to create a human scale habitat, carefully looked after by the local people offering the tourist a really pleasant holiday, combining the comfortable accommodation in the various tourist facilities with an ecologically healthy environment.

While walking around the countryside you will discover some hidden and fascinating spots, with views of the lake of unequalled beauty, you can smell all the natural perfumes of the flora and your eyes will delight in the contrasting colours with the blue of the lake.
You are guaranteed a holiday in the quiet of nature, in the colours and gentle music and silence of the lake, to regenerate your body and spirit alike. Great Italian and foreign poets (including J.W. Goethe, D.H. Lawrence and G. D'Annunzio) have all dedicated poems and stories to Benaco, and over the centuries some very famous people have visited here to then go home full of fhe fascination of this unique, yet colourful and elegant spot.

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