Following construction of the Gardesana road (1929 - 1931), which permetted a connection between Limone, Gargnano and Riva, Limone became one of the most frequented tourist centres of Lake Garda in the second half of the twentieth century. Many different factors influenced the development of the town: its position on the lake, the natural contours of the territory, the characteristic conformation of the historical centre, the climatic conditions, the dynamism of the inhabitants and the attention of the public administration. In slightly less than fifty years, camping grounds and boarding homes were opened, followed by the birth of inns, hotels, apartments, residences, bars, restaurants and shops, which transformed the face of the town and the life of the people. Tourism, almost solely foreign tourism, is practically the only economic activity of Limone today.
Precisely for the purpose of collecting documents, images, testimony, etc., which in any way refer to the birth and development of tourism, the municipal administration has promoted the establishment of a "Museum of Tourism".
In particular, the research and collection of documentation concerns posters, brochures, price lists, films, photographs, post cards, newspaper articles, advertising insertions, municipal administration and other government acts, calendars of events, books, travel guides,letters and souvenirs.
Besides Limone in general, the research and collection of documentation also concerns individual tourist establishments, sector businessmen (entrepreneurs, employees, collaborators, etc.) administrators, tourists, etc. Particular attention is also dedicated to the citizen of Limone sul Garda St. Daniele Comboni and the discovery of the apo-protein Milan A1. Expecially the photographic show documents the socio-economic change that Limone has undergone from a fishing and agricultural village to tourism; much of the exhibition space on the first floor of the former municipal building is dedicated to this display.
Anyone can collaborate by contributing materials and testimonies to the Museum, to make it growed gradually.
The nue Museum, completely renovated, were inaugurated in March 2011.

Former municipal building, Via Comboni n. 3
Opening time:

The museum is daily open from 01.05.2021 until 31.10.2021, from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Free of charge

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