Villa Boghi - La Casetta (The little House)

La Casetta (The Little House), which is commonly called "Villa Boghi" today, was built at the beginning of the twentieth century according to a project of engineer Giovanni Bonaventura Gerardi. Luigi Gerardi (1828-1906) was the owner; when he died the estate was inherited by his daughter Sofia (1880-1943), who was married to Antonio Boghi (1867-1931), an industrialist from Cantý who fell in love with Limone.
During the Second World War, the villa was requisitioned several times: in September of 1943 the German Command moved its headquarters to the villa. In April 1944 - when Limone was also part of the territory of the Italian Social Republic (RSI) - it was requisitioned by Lieutenant Bruno Ridarelli, in May first to host General Tomaso Semadini, chief of the political service of the General Command of the Republican National Guard, and then the Minister of national education Carlo Alberto Biggini. On August 26th, 1944, the X Shop of FIAT, which had transferred several of its plants to the tunnels of the western Gardesana road, requested requisition of the 11 rooms of the villa for its offices.
Since 2004 Villa Boghi has been the City Hall. Entry is either from via IV Novembre or via Tamas, near the roadside chapel dedicated to San Giovanni Nepomuceno. In the large park, which is open to the public every day from 08 a.m. to 07 p.m., there are well-cared for walkways and flowerbeds, as well as the lemon house. There are many citrus fruits, olive trees, cypress trees, palm trees and exotic plants. In the northern part of the garden there is a bust of Saint Daniel Comboni (1831 - 1881), which is the work of Hans Oberstaller and is dated 1981.
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