The legend of Limone

Once upon a time, Benacus, one of the ancient tribal gods, came on earth and fell in love with the nymph Fillide. Out of their love two sons were born, whom they called Grineo and Limone.
Benacus'intentions for their future were quite simple. Grineo should dedicate himself to fishing and Limone to farming.
But since their youth neither was interested in their fathers plans and they both preferred hunting in the prosperous woods of the Monte Baldo.
One day, during a hunt, Limone was attacked by a wild boar. The impact was fatal for Limone, who died immediately on the grounds in the wood. Fillide in here desperation asked Benacus for a miracle. Benacus prepared a portion of celestial flowers, which brought Limone back to life.
From the moment onwards, Limone accepted the fate that his father had in his mind and settled down in a marvellous little bay in front of the Monte Baldo, where no winds would ever disturb the growth of the fruit that until today bears his name.
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