It is a big honour for our little village, that Daniele Comboni, the founder of the Institutes for Comboni Missionaries, was born in Limone. For this we heartily suggest a visit in the "Tesöl", where you can get a good idea of his life, his work and you can simply relax in the special and calm atmosphere you find in this place. To make his dream come true, which is to "save Africa through Africa", he did not hesitate in involving the whole church because he was convinced that his dream could only come true by the hand of god. In those times, this was seen as a bold undertaking. But his unshakeable faith and his love which did not know frontiers, brought him to bear high risks during his expeditions. The difficulties he found on his way did not stop him at all and his slogan "O Nigrizia O Morte" (which means Africa or Death) brought him to establish in the year 1867 the "Institute for the missions for Africans" and in 1872 the "Institute of the pious mothers of Africans". His apostles mission took all his strength and his life and so on the 10th October 1881 he died in Khartoum (Sudan) of malaria and fatigue. The activities of the institutes he founded, continued with much success and nearly one hundred years later in 1969 the Institute for female layman Comboni Missionaries was founded and in 1990 the Layman Comboni Missionaries came to life. For his work, Daniele Comboni was blesses by the Pope John Paul II in the Saint Peter Cathedral in Rome on the 17th March 1996 and sanctified on 5th October 2003. At the "Tesöl" you can also visit the native house of Monsignor Comboni, in a very simple abode which consists of a kitchen that was used like a "Stube", the bedroom of his parents and the childrens bedroom. On the wall you find all the letters he wrote to his parents from Africa. The chapel under the abode was constructed later and replaced the former wood store of the family. Here you can admire the altar made of olivewood, the tabernacle of wrought iron and the woodcraft of the famous South Tyrolean artist Paul Mussner who made the Holy Family, the Holy Cross and the reading desk. The memorial gallery shows you what Monsignor Comboni found when he first came to Africa, how slavery influenced Africa?s history and development and what became of the third world countries in general, while in the small but interesting "Museum of Curiosities" you may admire curiosities of nature and manmade objects, which have been brought here by the many Comboniani Padres from all over the world. After your visit you should tour the characteristic park that surrounds the abbey. A little further up you may find a small place where you can admire the most marvellous view over Limone and Lake Garda. The Combonian Missionaries of Limone sul Garda invite you to visit their centre at "Tesöl", offering the possibility of knowing their founder, Saint Daniele Comboni, thorough a multimedia experience divided into 5 parts: - Saint Daniele Comboni's origins in Limone - His encounter with Africa; - His plan to "Regenerate Africa with Africa"; - Suffering and death; - Continuation of his work through the Combonian Missionary Family This experience helps the visitor to discover the story, life and passion of one of the great missionaries, who gave his live for the peoples of Africa, a brave and innovative man. A story that continues to surprise.
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