The Cycle-pedestrian path overlooking Lake Garda

To access the path you need to park the car in the multi-store car parking in front of the promenade (Lungolago Marconi) and from there continue for about 4 km by bike or foot.
At the car parking there has been set up an E-bike rental point to be used exclusively to travel the new path at the following rates:

- Euro 20 half a day
- Euro 30 full day

The cycle path is accessible to everyone and open 24 hours a day; the route starts at the car parking and reaches in abo

Winter events program 2018 - 2019

The winter event season of Limone sul Garda presents a rich program for every one!
It will be performed classical events, like the torchlight procession (22.12) - including free distribution of "polenta cunsa", mulled wine and hot chocolate and the carnival party (02.03).
For theatre lovers there are in program some events: "Non sono una signora" by Paola Rizzi (16.02) and a trip to Milan for the Musical "Mary Poppins" (16.12).

Lemon gardens, a miracle on Lake Garda

If you drive along the northernmost section of the Gardasana Occidentale, the road running up the west of the lake, you cannot fail to notice tall pillar stretching towards the sky, some of them over ten meters high.
They bear witness on one hand to an ancient form of architecture, now an indissoluble part of the landscape, and on the other to man's vocation for growing and selling citrus fruits, especially lemons. These distinctive greenhouses are protected by walls at the back and sides;

Fireworks mark the beginning of summer season!

Sunday 09th June, sunday 21st July and sunday 01st September 2019
at 10.00 p.m. - Lake promenade

On sunday 09th June 2019, there will be the first firework spectacle of the 2019 season. The gulf of Limone will be the host of several coloured illuminations that will light up the lake and the night.
To begin the evening a live music concert will start at 21.00 on the lake promenade. The fireworks are an event much appreciated by cli

The Comboni Missionaries in Limone sul Garda and the Museum of Curiosities

At the Comboni Missionaries centre, which in Limone is commonly known as the Locality "Tesöl", you will find the "Museum of Curiosities".

In this small but interesting exhibition you may admire curiosities of nature and manmade which have been brought here by the many Comboniani padres from all over the world.
You will find many rare shells as the famous "Tridacna gigas"(one of the biggest shells actually known), fossils, minerals (as a meteorite fallen to earth in

The museums in Limone sul Garda:

The local council of Limone sul Garda decided to open the Fishing Museum in order to remind us of the history of the town's old trades, crafts and traditions.
Limone sul Garda used to be a small village very much based on a simple rural economy of olive growing and fishing. In the 1700s it turned its attention to the construction on the lemon groves and the cultivation of citrus fruits.
Thanks to many favourable conditions, the hard work of its inhabitants and the devotion of the counc
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