The Castèl lemon house
Winter time

The Castèl lemon house, which is northwest of the old town center and stands against the rocky wall of the Mughéra mountain, is just a portion of the large lemon grove that once stretched from the Mura valleys, Via Pozze and Via Castello to the Màndola valley. The garden, which covers an area of 1,633 square meters, is divided perpendicularly into two parts by the cùen dela Marches'àna, on which the main cas'èl is built on several levels. It extends to the south, in part, on a single terrace

The flora of a thousand colours

A holiday in Limone is something more than just a pleasant rest under the sun or on the lakeside, it is also the chance of experiencing first hand healthy and uncontaminated nature.

The climate on the lake is very similar to the Mediterrenean one, encouraging the growth of luxuriant and varied flora which is an explosion of colour in every season of the year, making the surrounding landscape a multi-coloured oasis within the North Garda Brescia Park, where Alpine and Mediterrenean flo

The Cycle-pedestrian path overlooking Lake Garda

On July 14th 2018 the new section of the cycle-pedestrian path that connects Limone to the border with the Trentino has been opened. It is a unique and extraordinary work that allows you to admire and enjoy, either on foot or by bicycle, a breathtaking view suspended between lake and sky. To access the trail, leave your car in the marked car parkings in the center. From there you continue on foot or by bike through the alleys of the old town of Limone till the scenic spot of Capo Reamol.

Trekking in Limone sul Garda: Walk to the mountain shelter 'Baita Segala

This refuge is located in Fortini, in the mountainous hinterland of the town of Limone sul Garda, at an altitude of 1,215 m, it has 4 beds and is open all year round thanks to the A.N.A. Group of Limone sul Garda. Water and wine are always available.

From the bus station on the Gardesana Road facing the Turista Bar, take Via Caldogno and pass the villages of Molino and Milanesa. Once you pass the bridge over the torrent, take the n. 101 trail, which is also


Following construction of the Gardesana road (1929 - 1931), which permetted a connection between Limone, Gargnano and Riva, Limone became one of the most frequented tourist centres of Lake Garda in the second half of the twentieth century. Many different factors influenced the development of the town: its position on the lake, the natural contours of the territory, the characteristic conformation of the historical centre, the climatic conditions, the dynamism of the inhabitants and the attention

St. Daniele Comboni and the Comboni Missionaries in Limone sul Garda

A son of poor gardeners who became the first Catholic Bishop of Central Africa.

The town of Limone sul Garda gave birth to Daniel Comboni, the founder of the Comboni missionary institutes. In his teens he decided to become a priest and in 1849 he swore to dedicate his life to Sub-Saharan Africa.
He completed his studies in Philosophy and Theology
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