Fireworks mark the end of the summer season!

On Saturday 07th September 2019
at 10.00 p.m. - Lake promenade

On Saturday 07th September 2019, there will be the last firework spectacle of the 2019 season. The gulf of Limone will be the host of several coloured illuminations that will light up the lake and the night.
To begin the evening music will start at 20.00 on the lake promenade. The fireworks are an event much appreciated by clients and mark the end of the summertime.

Trekking in Limone sul Garda:

Straddling the Valle di Ledro and what is now the border with the Brescia province, Monte Carone was chosen as the site for a number of major artillery emplacements and many relics from that period are still visible today.

The excursion begins at Passo Nota, at 1200 metres, easy reachble by car, passing Vesio di Tremosine and "Vald di Bondo".
There is a small refuge at the pass, built on the site of a former Italian Finance Police barracks. From here starts our walk

The Cycle-pedestrian path overlooking Lake Garda

On July 14th 2018 the new section of the cycle-pedestrian path that connects Limone to the border with the Trentino has been opened. It is a unique and extraordinary work that allows you to admire and enjoy, either on foot or by bicycle, a breathtaking view suspended between lake and sky. To access the trail, leave your car in the marked car parkings in the center. From there you continue on foot or by bike through the alleys of the old town of Limone till the scenic spot of Capo Reamol.

Lemon gardens, a miracle on Lake Garda

If you drive along the northernmost section of the Gardasana Occidentale, the road running up the west of the lake, you cannot fail to notice tall pillar stretching towards the sky, some of them over ten meters high.
They bear witness on one hand to an ancient form of architecture, now an indissoluble part of the landscape, and on the other to man's vocation for growing and selling citrus fruits, especially lemons. These distinctive greenhouses are protected by walls at the back and sides;


Outdoors gymnastic for tourists and residents with qualified instructor Free admission - from July 1st, to August 31st 2019, from Monday to Friday, from 07.00 a.m. to 07.45 a.m., at the outdoor multipurpose sports centre in Via Fasse, our qualified sport instructor will introduce you to gymnastics, stretching, toning and more.

Limone, following the footsteps of history and traditions

The first stop following the historical and traditional footsteps is the "Museum of Tourism" founded in the former City Hall, on the lakeshore. This is an exhibition space dedicated to social-economic evolution in Limone throughout the twentieth century.
After you reach Piazza Garibaldi, you climb to the heart of the town, the "Castèl", with its quaint stone stairs and houses clinging to the rocks. Here we can find a typical lemon house, dating from the early eighteenth centur
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