INFO 2014:
Lake Garda Music Festival

Lake Garda Music Festival
8th International Choir and Orchestra Festival of Lake Garda,
October 17th - 19th, 2014

From 17th to 19th October 2014, will take place, through the cooperation with the Consortium "Lago di Garda - Lombardia" the 8th Edition of the Lake Garda Music Festival International Choirs and Orchestras Festival.
The festival is not a music competition, but a concert series presenting different styles and generes. Maestro Peter Laskowski, the winner

INFO 2014:
ADAC Trentino Classic

INFO 2014:
21.09. - 25.09.2014

Limone sul Garda
23rd - 24th September 2014

Following the success found by the past editions, Trentino Marketing spa, in cooperation wit the Consortium Lago di Garda - Lombardia, the Municipality of Limone sul Garda and the ADAC (German correspondent of the Italian Association ACI, that counts in Germany more than 18 million members), organises also this year the Garda-Lake-stage of the event ADAC TRENT

INFO 2014:
Guided walks and excursions

Limone sul Garda
Summer 2014, from May to September
Guided walks organized, free of charge, by the Alpine Group of Limone sul Garda.
The Excursions don't take place in case of bad weather.

Information Office Parking Caldogno, via IV Novembre, 29/L - tel. (+39) 0365 918987, fax (+39) 0365 954720;
Information Office Piazzetta Erminia - tel. (+39) 0365 954265.

To the Bonaventura

The Castèl lemon house

The Castèl lemon house, which is northwest of the old town center and stands against the rocky wall of the Mughéra mountain, is just a portion of the large lemon grove that once stretched from the Mura valleys, Via Pozze and Via Castello to the Màndola valley. The garden, which covers an area of 1,633 square meters, is divided perpendicularly into two parts by the cùen dela Marches'àna, on which the main cas'èl is built on several levels. It extends to the south, in part, on a single terrace and

The Comboni Missionaries in Limone sul Garda and the Museum of Curiosities

At the Comboni Missionaries centre, which in Limone is commonly known as the Locality "Tesöl", you will find the "Museum of Curiosities".

In this small but interesting exhibition you may admire curiosities of nature and manmade which have been brought here by the many Comboniani padres from all over the world.
You will find many rare shells as the famous "Tridacna gigas"(one of the biggest shells actually known), fossils, minerals (as a meteorite fallen to earth in

Villa Boghi - 'La Casetta ' (The little House)

La Casetta (The Little House), which is commonly called "Villa Boghi" today, was built at the beginning of the twentieth century according to a project of engineer Giovanni Bonaventura Gerardi. Luigi Gerardi (1828-1906) was the owner; when he died the estate was inherited by his daughter Sofia (1880-1943), who was married to Antonio Boghi (1867-1931), an industrialist from Cantù who fell in love with Limone.
During the Second World War, the villa was requisitioned several times: in S
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