INFO 2014:
A wonderful walk in the nature

Limone sul Garda
guided visit
every Friday, starting from 18.04.2014

A wonderful guided tour, against the blue of the sky and the green of the olive trees:
1. step: San Giovanni stream
Start at the Tourist Information Office on the main road and walk to the "Villa Boghi" and the the San Giovanni stream, with the fi rst bridge you come across called San Giovanni Nepomuceno. Follow the path uphill an

Exhibition with live demonstration of painting techniques 'dreaming in Limone

Limone sul Garda
29.08. - 31.08.2014
Concorso di Pittura estemporanea "Sognando Limone"
The Public Library of Limone sul Garda, with the aid of the Municipality of Limone sul Garda announces the
2° Competition improvised painting
"Dreaming of Limone"
Theme of the contest is "Limone: its lake and its hinterland".

The live painting contest, also known as "ex tempo

Limone sul Garda
38. Giro del Trentino - 2nd stage

Limone sul Garda
Wednesday 23th April 2014

38. Giro del Trentino
at 09.50 a.m. parking place at the lake promenade
Start 2. Stage (Limone sul Garda - San Giacomo di Brentonico)

The international cycling race "Giro del Trentino" continues this year in its 38th edition. As always, it is seen as a dress rehearsal of the "Giro d'Italia" and is a prestigious event where emerge the biggest names from the world of two-wheelers.

The Castèl lemon house

The Castèl lemon house, which is northwest of the old town center and stands against the rocky wall of the Mughéra mountain, is just a portion of the large lemon grove that once stretched from the Mura valleys, Via Pozze and Via Castello to the Màndola valley. The garden, which covers an area of 1,633 square meters, is divided perpendicularly into two parts by the cùen dela Marches'àna, on which the main cas'èl is built on several levels. It extends to the south, in part, on a single terrace and

The Museums in Limone sul Garda

Following construction of the Gardesana road (1929 - 1931), which permetted a connection between Limone, Gargnano and Riva, Limone became one of the most frequented tourist centres of Lake Garda in the second half of the twentieth century. Many different factors influenced the development of the town: its position on the lake, the natural contours of the territory, the characteristic conformation of the historical centre, the climatic conditions, the dynamism of the inhabitants and the attention

The museums in Limone sul Garda:

The local council of Limone sul Garda decided to open the Fishing Museum in order to remind us of the history of the town's old trades, crafts and traditions.
Limone sul Garda used to be a small village very much based on a simple rural economy of olive growing and fishing. In the 1700s it turned its attention to the construction on the lemon groves and the cultivation of citrus fruits.
Thanks to many favourable conditions, the hard work of its inhabitants and the devotion of the counc
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